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The Backyard Wedding I'll Never Forget | Justin & Laurissa

"As You speak, A hundred billion failures disappear, Where You lost Your life so I could find it here.

If You left the grave behind You so will I.

I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done, Every part designed in a work of art called love.

If You gladly chose surrender so will I."

The evening of April 9th, 2019 was one of happy tears, honesty, love, family, and testimony to the great things our Savior, Jesus, does.

Justin and Laurissa had met back in high school. Neither at a place of good relationship with the Lord. They had their run and went on with their own lives, meeting new people and leaving each other in their distant memories.

Laurissa had began a family with another; one who put their family through much abuse, heartache, and abandonment.

"I met Jesus face-to-face on my kitchen floor, on my knees...abandoned, and helpless... I immediately felt at peace, my body felt different, and I know The Holy Spirit lifted me to my feet."

"I went on to experience miracles of provision and mercy from God for the next two years...

I learned what it meant to trust His plan and not my own, to go with His timeline for my life; accepting that my plans were nothing like His. I learned what it meant to to not be "alone" because The Holy Spirit is always with me, and for the first time, my mind was consumed with being a daughter of the Highest King. At that time, Jesus brought Justin back into my life for the third and last time, the perfect time, when The Lord knew we were both ready for each other."

Justin had experienced struggles with substance since elementary school. Falling deeper into addiction, and farther from God, he identified as an atheist by age 15. He lived a self destructive life for some time, before God brought him back.

"On April 8th, 2012 after a few days of trying to detox... I found myself humbled and on my knees before my grandfathers tombstone. The Lord lifted me from my knees and wiped away my tears - although I wasn't quite sure what was happening; I have not had a single drug or drink since that day."

"One day as I was listening to John Cope preach, he asked if anyone wished to receive Christ - and before I knew it my hand was in the air and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was saved. My walk with Christ has been very unique, and definitely a dance of sorts. Sometimes hand in hand with Jesus, and sometimes on the sidelines watching others grow in their faith."

"We have been broken into pieces and only by His mercy, love, and grace - we are here today. This love of ours isn't just the two of us because we both have our eyes fixed on Jesus. We are without a doubt, a string made of three strands."

- Laurissa

"Over the past two years Jesus has restored me in ways I never could have imagined. I have trusted Him, and He truly works miracles. Today I am 7 years clean and sober, I am a father, I am employed and trusted, I am marrying my best friend who He brought back into my life although I am undeserving of her love - but most importantly, I have Christ within me."

- Justin

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